Robb Surgical is a premier developer, manufacturer, and provider of complimentary and novel surgical devices for the global marketplace. We continue to establish strong relationships with device designers world-wide through maintaining and growing our world-class distribution network.

Robb Surgical Devices, LLC has come to exist through a synergistic partnership of seasoned medical device professionals with complimentary world-wide expertise in device development, sourcing, manufacturing, marketing and sales along with the regulatory, quality and operational support functions necessary to successfully deliver exceptional medical products to the global marketplace. It is Robb Surgical’s goal is to deliver a unique and focused product portfolio that increases patient care and safety while reducing the cost of delivering that care.


3 PLY Masks and N95 Masks


The “Gold Standard” for Soft Tissue Retraction.
The worlds most advanced yet simple soft tissue retraction device.  It is preferred during several open surgical retractions for sight to surgery. Allows for ease of holding tissue without all the additional tools typically used.


Advanced fluid absorption device used during general and robotic surgery. It is made up of advanced PVA material that make it reusable in the body cavity!  Replaces traditional methods of shoving gauze inside the body and greatly reduces the retained gauze issue.

Surgical Fields Include…


For a complete list of downloadable “Instructions for Use” of Robb Surgical’s current medical devices click here!


Robb Surgical’s antimicrobial technology is a patented, water-based, antimicrobial technology that provides persistent and continuous protection of a surface for up to 90 days. It is a preservative antimicrobial coating that can be applied to both porous and non-porous surfaces to inhibit the growth of odor causing, and stain causing bacteria, mold, mildew, fungi and algae. It can be applied to medical devices as well.


Robb Surgical now is distributing 3 Ply face masks and soon N95 face masks!
This product is intended for general purpose infection control practices. When properly worn, it reduces potential contact by the wearer to blood and bodily fluids but DOES NOT eliminate the risk of contracting any disease or infection. Change mask immediately if splashed with blood or bodily fluid.