3 Ply masks

Robb Surgical’s face mask ear loop 3 Layer Made in US

Masks for daily use and standard protection
Intended use of the single use medical face mask

Recommended use:

  • Public stranded in crowded places – Relatively concentrated indoor work environment – Public attending hospitals or clinics – Intensive learning and activity of children in childcare institutions, students in school, nursing homes.
  • Alternative use: – General outpatient services, ward working medical staff, etc.. – Personnel intensive workers – Engaged in administrative work related to the outbreak, police, security, courier, etc.. – Segregated people at home and people living with them

DO NOT USE FOR: invasive operation.

This is 200 cases of 10 box of 50 quantity. Payment terms are 50% down, 50% due upon shipment.

After 500,000 mask orders are placed (1,000 cases of 10 box of 50 quantity) payment terms are 100% due upon shipment, no down payment.

On larger and reoccurring orders other payment terms can be worked out. Especially if this moves into a contract. Official quote available upon request.

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Technical characteristics of this Single use medical face mask:

Certificate: CE, FDA (in process)

Number of layers: 3

Shell: Nonwoven Fabric Filter

Filter: Meltblown Fabric

Inner: Inner Nonwoven Fabric

Nose Clip: Aluminum

Overall dimensions: 175 x 95mm Weight 3.5g

Shelf life: 2 years

Packaging of the single use medical face mask is in 50 pieces/pack/clay coated box and 10 boxes per case. One Carton contains 500 pieces. Larger case quantities for shipping purposes can be provided and calculated out around the time of shipping for size and weight. Because of its 3-layer structure, this mask is like the protection of an FFP1 mask.